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So Clooney is a great actor. I also really liked him in… what was that film again? The one all in black and white, and where the film is focused on McCarthyism? Oh yes, Good Night and Good Luck. I mean he was great there. Oh, and I also liked Syriana, and he was in that too.

And Clooney wasn’t the only great actor in that film. The others in it are pretty seasoned actors too. But it just went so horribly wrong.

Again, the dialogue was pretty bad. But that wasn’t all of it. It’s as if the director wanted to go in the direction of campy. I mean, I think I remember him (the director) being interviewed about the film, oh so long ago, and he was saying something about how people have been told over and over about how Batman’s supposed to be dark, and he had a sucky childhood, and that this director wanted to move away from that stuff and focus on something else.


I guess it was the different directors (I seem to remember that the director from the first two films was changed, was it Tim Burton?). The 3rd and 4th films just went in pretty different directions, compared to the first two, if you ask me. Sad, sad.

But then again, the 3rd film was sad, but the 4th was really quite a disaster in my mind. The dialogue was just terrible. Really bad. One liners galore. Geez. I mean, throw in a one liner every once in a while, but throughout the movie?

Sad again because it was clear that there was no lack of talent in that cast. Just about every actor there really could act. I mean, there are some Clooney films that I just love (that one with him as a lawyer recently, which one was that? Oh wait, he’s been a lawyer more than once. The one where the title is a name?).

So I liked the Batmobile. I also liked the Batsuit. Black, not the blue in the television series. Suitably slick.

And again, the movies were dark, not campy. So that’s how I found the first two Batman films

The next two however were somewhat disappointing. I think it was in the third film (Was it the third?) where I actually got to see Gotham in the daytime and it was disconcertingly bright. And jarring.

I actually liked the Riddler, sort of, in the third film, with his physical dexterity and attitude, but it still wasn’t up to the quality I’d hoped for, and come to expect. And the role of Two Face was unfortunately almost sidelined. They didn’t give the actor anything substantial to work with (which was too bad since I really like Jones in a lot of his other films). A complete waste of perfectly good talent if you ask me.

Anyway, I was saying that I liked the first two Batman films. I felt that they did pay homage to the Batman mythos. The films were suitably dark. The way the roles were played was also suitably dark. Villains were villainous, but in an interesting way. Of course, the Joker in the first film was played in quite a different way, but I enjoyed it, and it felt like a good performance to me, different but good.

And then the Penguin in the second film was given suitable backstory and a great appearance too. And then there were the toys, the car. I especially liked what they did to the Batmobile, as opposed to how it was portrayed back in the old television series.

The Batmobile was cool, dark and loaded with toys and firepower. Granted, it was strange that it was unlocked so easily in the second film by the bad guys, but I could live with that.

I think I must have come across maybe hundreds of movie reviews about The Dark Knight. Not that I’m complaining. After all, it’s a pretty good film. It’s about Batman. The acting is superb. The casting is great. What’s not to love?

I’m looking back at the movie, trying to remember the stuff about it that struck me. Thinking, thinking.

First of all, going back even to the previous film, Batman Begins, just let me lump the two of them in this post (and probably subsequent ones).

I really like that the creators of these two films decided to go back over the whole Batman mythos and in a way, bring it back from the dead, at least in terms of the big films.

I rather liked the first two Batman films. Who was the actor in it again? That comedian? Man, I’m old. Anyway, I felt that Batman and Batman Returns (Was that the name of the second film?) really did get the series started off right.

You know what… I think I’ll stop there first while I try to remember those details. 🙂


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